aging the cartoon face

Corel Draw: Aging the Cartoon Face

This is an exercise in aging. Aging cartoon faces is fairly simple. You just need to follow the laws of gravity. When we are young gravity does not have that much of an effect on us but, as we age, gravity starts pulling and we begin to see lines and wrinkles as well as droopy features.

young cartoon face

In the image above, the young man looks young. He has no lines or wrinkles.

a little older cartoon face

As he gets a little older we add a little bit of a semi bag below the eyes, and droop them just a bit at the outside corners. You can see the crows feet beginning also at the outside corners of the eyes. A couple of lines around the nose and a line under the mouth with the little lightening of the hair is enough to add a few years to the image above.

middle aged cartoon face

As aging continues the bags become full below the eyes, the eyes droop a little more, forehead lines begin to show and the jowls begin to succumb to gravity. The lines about the mouth extends from the nose.

old cartoon face

As the years pass, more lines are added. The jowl sinks a little more and the cheeks start to sag. The crows feet about the eyes become more pronounced, the eyes droop a little more and sometimes glasses are needed to correct vision. The bags below the eyes also become more pronounced and the hair line recedes a bit more.

Notice also in the last two images the subtle changes in the nose. First it drops a little and then it widens a bit.

In just a few short minutes you can change your young character into an elderly one with just the small changes shown here.

aging the cartoon face

In the next aging tutorial I’ll go into body shapes as they age.

All the faces above are the same face. Lines and droops were added to attain the last aged face.

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