Corel Draw: Basic Cartoon Hands

Hands can sometimes be a bugger and intimidating to create. If you break down what a cartoon hand is and keep it simple you should be creating all kinds of hand types in no time. The hand above was created using all ovals. The wrist is just a rectangle. One line added for the palm and there you have it.  This tutorial will go through making a basic full hand, front and back to get you started with creating hand types. Once you have the basics, you can work up to creating more realistic hand types.

First open a canvas about 400X400 pixels and draw an oval similar to below.


We don’t want the outline so change the line property from Hairline to None. This is going to be the main part of the hand and palm.


Draw another oval only much smaller this time. Again, remove the outline.


Position the second oval similar to below. This is part of the thumb pad.


Draw another oval. Remove the outline and place it as below. This is the end of the thumb.


Now let’s create a finger. Draw an oval. Remove the outline. Go to the Arrange menu and towards the bottom there is an option to convert to curves. Choose that option. You’ll see your image has changed to have four nodes on it. We need to add two more.

Mouse over the top handle and you’ll see it react to your mouse. Right click on it and choose Add.

Mouse over the node on the right side of the oval. Right click on it and choose Add.

You should now have six nodes on your oval. Arrange the two new nodes similar to below.

Using the resize handles on the oval, resize it so it’s skinny like the last one below. You’ll then only see one node at the top of the oval.


Position your new oval similar to below and widen it a little it necessary. This is the index finger.


With the index finger selected go to the Edit menu and copy it. Then go to the Edit menu and paste it. You won’t really know anything happen because the copy is placed exactly over the original.


Drag the copy to the left for the middle finger. You may want to drag it’s size to a little longer than the index finger.

Continue to copy, paste, place, size with the remaining fingers until you have something similar to below.


Now that looks a little silly so fat so select the big oval (the palm). Using the node on the far right, drag to the left to flatten the right side a bit.


Once you do that you will probably have to rearrange your fingers a little bit by resizing.


Sometimes the fingers may seem a little too fat and close together so resize and arrange them something similar to below.


Now, it looks like the palm is a little too high. Select the palm oval and drag down from the top until you get the right look between the fingers and the palm.


You may need to drag the right side of the palm in a little more and adjust for the little finger.

Once you have done all that, holding down the shift key, select all the parts of the hand.


Use the weld tool to combine them all together.


Now we need an outline. Change the outline from none to 0.5.


Click anywhere on the blank part of the canvas to deselect the hand and you should have a hand that looks similar to below. Hmmm, looks kind of flat.


It needs a pad line. Use the Bezier tool to create a curved line similar to below and position it.


Create another Bezier line and position it for the thumb pad.


There you have it. One side of a simple hand.

To create the other side of the hand, remove the two Bezier lines and add fingernails as below.


The best way to figure out the hand type you need is to look at your own hands. Break them down into ovals. Look in the mirror with your hands in different positions, at your side, dangling in front of you, holding something, making a fist, outstretched…the list goes on and on.

The cool things about CorelDraw is that you can create all your hand types in one file and save them for later use so you don’t have to create them over and over. I’ve created a hand library that I can open, copy the hands I want and paste them into the canvas I need them for.

Below are just three examples of basic cartoon hands.


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