Corel Draw: Basic Male Cartoon Bodies

The basic male body type is the easiest for me to create. With just one simple shape you can easily create a male body type.

The male cartoon body type can take many shapes. Some of my cutest have come from what I’ll call the inverted hourglass shape of the female body type.

Using CorelDraw presets shapes I created the below shape on a 400×400 canvas.


Go to the Arrange menu and choose Convert To Curves. You’ll now have four nodes on your shape. Move the top two nodes close to each other as shown below.


Right click on each node and choose To Curves from the pop up menu. Again right click on each node and choose Smooth from the pop up menu. The resulting shape should look similar to below.


Add three nodes to the bottom of the shape.


Drag the nodes to arrange them for the bottom of the shirt.


If you’ve read my other tutorials you already know I like to work in color so I filled my shape.


With the shape selected, copy and paste it. Use the Flip tool to flip it over and then position it as below.


Paste again and this time leave the copy in place but shorten it by dragging up from the bottom of the shape.


Go to the Arrange menu and send the copy to the back. Arrange>Order>To Back


Resize the new copy in place to create the arms.


I like to create a little bit of decoration so I usually add a neck plate. Create a triangle and convert it to curves.


Position the triangle and then drag the bottom node down a ways.


Creating the legs is super simple. Draw a line part way up the center of the bottom shape.


Create a black oval for one shoe. Position it, copy it, paste it and position it for the second shoe.


Pretty much the basic shape is done. A little garnishment is always useful and I like adding a little extra. A tall skinny rectangle makes up the join of the shirt.


Some simple circles make the buttons.


Add some hands from the Hand tutorial and he’s all set. We’ll he appears to have lost his head but that’s a whole ‘nother tutorial.


So that’s one basic body type for a male. You can do this with straight rectangles, by shaping as we did here or by using other shapes to get just the body type you want for your cartoon character. Check out the different body types below. Once you get the hang of one, it’s easier for the second and so on.


Uh, what am I going to do with that guy upper right? Shorten his shirt a little maybe and put some bright Hawaiian shorts on him maybe? A little leg hair, nobbier knees, the list is endless. It doesn’t even have to be a guy. It can always be used for a girl cartoon character.

Below is my basic body type library. Have fun!


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