Corel Draw: Cartoon Bear

The cartoon bear above is a fairly simple and quick project.

Open a new blank image. Draw a circle on the canvas with a hairline outline. Click on a fill color of your choice. From the arrange menu click on Convert to Curves. Right click on the top node and choose Add. Right click on the left node and choose Add. Move the nodes around to get a shape similar to below.

Draw another circle on the canvas and fill it with a contrasting color. Use the knife tool to cut the top 1/4 off of the new circle.

This completes the torso.


Create a face similar to below using the circle tool and the bezier tool. The eyebrows and mouth lines are bezier lines. The eye and nose highlights are circle tools modified by editing one node after converting to curves and then squishing them with the top or bottom drag handle pulled up or down depending on which one you use.


The arms are below and they are created as one piece, placed behind the torso. Use the shapes tool and create a shape similar to below.


Use the circle tool to create the tummy pad.


For the hair on his head and the hairy knees, draw an oval and using the knife tool cut a jagged line so you have a piece similar to the one below.


The hands below are from my hand library. You can view the tutorial from the Tutorials>CorelDraw>CorelDraw Basic Cartoon Hands page here at the magazine to learn how to make them. I copied them out of my hand library and filled them with the bear body color.


Use the shapes tool to create a shape like the arms shape. Go to the arrange menu and Convert to Curves. Add nodes as necessary and push them around to get a shape similar to below. You will also see below that I resized the jagged edge piece and those will be placed at the knees of the bear.


The feet are ovals with bezier lines for the toes. Use the same technique for shaping the ovals as above.


Create circles for the ears and send them to the back. When you’re all done assembling the pieces you should have a bear similar to below.


I can’t say it enough and I’ll say it for every cartoon tutorial. Break down the character you want to create into it’s base shapes. For the bear there were just two basic shapes and bezier lines.

Tip: When placing all the pieces together you are going to see *join* lines. I use the circle tool without an outline with the same fill color as I’m covering. I then stretch the circle to fit over the lines I want it to cover. Some places I used this technique on the bear are at the wrists, shoulders and ankles.

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