Corel Draw: Cartoon Cat

This tutorial along with the mouse tutorial had an end in mind. One of the wonderful cartooning books I have; “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Cartooning But Were Afraid to Ask” by Christopher Hart has the most wonderful cover. The cat and mouse tutorial were based on that cover and the resulting cartoon at the bottom of the page is based on that cover. That cover shows the cat hiding around the corner and the mouse with the cheese scared out of his wits by the cat. The mouse of course is much smaller than the cat. I decided to use the same theme with a different treatment. First we need to create the cat. The mouse is another tutorial that you’ll find in the CorelDraw tutorial section of this web site.

Before we get started there are a couple of things to remember as you work through this tutorial. All shapes are Converted to Curves and most times nodes added for shaping. You will find the Convert to Curves command in the Arrange menu and you can added nodes to a shape after converting it to curves by right clicking on a node and then choosing add.

As you create the shapes for the cat, move them to the side of the canvas so they will be available when we assemble the cat. Also, remember to save your work often. There are lots of pieces here and you don’t want to lose anything for any reason.

Below are two circle shapes. One with an outline shaped into a tail and the other is without outline to use for hiding join lines we we add it to the cat body.


The hind leg as shown below is a circle shape that was node edited into a backwards apostrophe. There is also a circle without outline stretched to cover a join line when we add it to the cat body.


The paw below is a circle that has lots of nodes added and moved to get the jagged effect. Under that are three sausage shapes toes. They were created by starting with a circle shape and elongating it. The toenails were created with the triangle tool.


The main body of the cat is a circle shape that is stretched and node edited into the final shape below.


The eyes are all circle shapes slightly node edited and then arranged one on top of the other.


The ear is a circle shape node edited to achieve the effect below. The main shape was copied and pasted and then resized to fit inside the original. The bottom of the inner ear was then adjusted into the final shape you see below.


Below is the hair piece for the cat. Again a circle shape was node edited to get an apostrophe shape and the many nodes are added and pushed around for the jagged effect.


The nose and highlight are both circle shapes with just a little bit of pushing to achieve the desired effect. The bezier tool was used to create the whiskers.


Below is the jowls of the cat. Again, start with a circle and do a little node editing and addition to get something similar.


Although the image below really doesn’t look like a mouth right now, that is what it will be used for.


Below is the cat’s belly pad.


You should be getting pretty good with shaping circles by now. Here’s another one for one of the arms of the cat.


Below is the arm that the cat’s had is resting on.


Now, we need some more paws but since we’ve already created one, we’ll copy and paste it. Then just rotate it to get them into the correct position.


Now that we have all our pieces we can begin to assemble them. Follow along as shown in the steps below to place the pieces all together.


There you have it. The final cat just waiting for something….


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