Corel Draw: Cartoon Frog

All shapes created in the tutorial are converted to curves and node edited for shaping. You can get to the Convert To Curves command from the Arrange menu. Once a shape is converted to curves you can then add and moves nodes around to get the necessary shape.

The head and body are created with a single circle shape. The bezier tool is used to create a hint of a nose, the mouth and a chin.


The first leg and foot is created with a circle shape. For the foot you will need to add nodes in order to push them into the webbed foot shape.

After the first leg is created, select all the objects in the leg and from the Arrange menu choose Group. Got to Edit>Copy, Edit Paste and move the copy of the leg over for editing. Double click on the leg shape to get the rotate handles and then use the skew to drag the second leg to stretch it a little.


Paste another copy of the leg and use the resize handles to make it a little smaller for an arm. Go to Edit>Copy, Edit Paste and move the copy over for editing. Go to the Arrange menu and choose Ungroup. Move the nodes so that the arm becomes bent as shown below. This arm will be resting on the frogs hip. Select all the pieces for this arm and from the Arrange menu choose Group.


The eyes are created totally with ovals layered over each other. The eyelids were created by creating an oval and using the knife to cut it about 2/3 of the way up. Don’t worry if you get a jagged line, you can right click on the nodes of the jagged line and choose delete. I chose to leave one node in the center so I could curve the bottom of the eyelid a little.

I also added a 4.0 bezier curve to the eyelid to simulate eyelashes.

Once you have the eye complete, select all the objects of the eye and from the Arrange menu choose Group. Go to Edit>Copy, Edit>Paste and place the eyes on the frog head.


The bow tie is a rectangle with two nodes added for squeezing it together in the center. Then a circle was placed over it and both objects were grouped. Place the bow tie on the frogs neck.


Add a contrasting circle shape to the frogs belly.


The vest is made of two rectangles shaped to fit over the frogs shoulders. You can use ctrl-pgdwn to move the vest pieces below the bow tie if necessary.


Add your legs.


Add an arm.


Add the second arm and you’re finished. Some animals are so easy to create and frogs are one of them. Not only are they easy, they are really fun.


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