Corel Draw: Cartoon Heads

There are several ways to create cartoon heads to achieve different effects. The head above was created using four ovals. Three were used to shape the head and one was used to cover lines. In this tutorial we’ll keep it simple with one shape to give you an idea about creating cartoon heads. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Start by creating a 400X400 canvas. Then draw an oval similar to below.


Go to the Arrange menu and towards the bottom is an option to Convert to Curves. Choose that option. Once you’ve done that you will notice four nodes on your oval.


For this tutorial we need six nodes. Mouse over the left most node and right click on it. Choose Add.

Mouse over the bottom most node, right click and choose Add.

You should now have six nodes on your oval.


Drag the bottom most node up to flatten the jaw a little.


Oops, that jaw is too flat. Pull it back down a bit.


I like working in color so I filled my oval.


Now we need to adjust the jaw line. Before we can do that we need to add a couple more nodes. Right click on the left most and top most nodes and choose Add. You should now have 8 nodes on your oval.

Pull in the left most and right most nodes to shape the jaw line.


Let’s create a couple of eyes. Draw a small oval and fill it with white.

Draw another smaller oval, fill it with black and paste it over the white oval as shown below.

Select both ovals, go to the Arrange menu and choose Group.

Then copy it and paste it so you have two eyes.


Place your eyes where you want them on your face.


Draw another oval for the nose and place it.

Since you don’t want that outline showing between the eyes you can create an oval without outline the same color as your face and place it over that top most nose line.


Draw another oval for the mouth as shown below.


Convert the mouth to curves and shape the way you’d like by dragging the nodes.


Add a little expression to your face by placing Bezier curves around the mouth.


Create another Bezier curve for the chin.


Create another oval and fill it with your face color. This will be the ear.


Copy and paste so you have two ears and then place them on your face. They will be on top of the object stack so you’ll need to send them to the back with the Arrange menu. Arrange>Order>To Back


He’s shaping up pretty good but he still needs something.


I used the preset shapes tool to create the eyebrows. Draw one, shape it, copy it, paste it and place them where you want them.


There you have it. A very basic cartoon head that you can use.


Below is a very basic face library. I have since had to break all the features down into files of their own so that I can keep them and reuse them whenever I need to.


Once you’ve created one or two you’ll have the hang of it and get into more detailed head types.

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