Corel Draw: Color Harmonies and Color Blends

Sometimes it is hard when working with colors to know which colors go together and which do not. CorelDraw has a facility for finding color blends and harmonies that will help us to create great looking images that are easy on the eye.

Color harmonies are created by shapes places over a color wheel. Each point of a shape has a color under it. For example, a triangle will have 3 colors associated with it and a rectangle will have four. The colors at each corner of the shape are complimentary, contrasting, or harmonious depending on the shape you choose.

Color blends are colors that are combined colors of your choosing. You choose the base color and the blender gives you a grid of colors to choose from that are combinations of your choices of 4 base colors.

You can get to the Mixers pallet from the Fill flyout. Choose the Uniform Fill dialog.


When the dialog opens choose the Mixers tab. Below is a screenshot of the Mixers tab.


For color harmonies click on the Options button>Mixers>Color Harmonies.


Pick a shape from the Hues drop down.


Pick an option from the Variation drop down.


You can also choose from several different color models.


Drag the black dot around the color wheel and watch the results in the color swatch area.



Change the Variations to see how the colors change.



Go back to the Options drop down>Mixers>Color Blend.


You have a totally different approach to color now. You can see how one color blends into another.


Use the four drop downs around the color swatch to change colors.


Choosing colors that go together can sometimes we a daunting task but with the tools in CorelDraw you can quickly and easily create a nice palette to work from.

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