Photoshop: Simple Candy Cane

Creating a candy cane is Photoshop is super easy.

Start by creating a texture for the candy create.

Create a new document 1000×1000 at 300 dpi.

Go to View -> Show -> Grid.

Go to Preferences -> Guides, Grid and Slices and set the Gridline Every 100 pixels and set Subdivisions to 4.

Choose a red color. I chose ed1c24.

Set your brush to size 40.

Use the pen tool to draw diagonal lines every 200 px making sure to start outside the canvas. For each line, right click and stroke path.


Continue until you have all the lines drawn.


Now there needs to be some skinny lines.

Set brush size to 10 and draw a couple skinny lines above each of the fat lines.


The texture is done. Now to turn it into a pattern go to Edit -> Define Pattern. Name it Candy Cane Stripe and click ok.

It’s time to create the candy cane shape.

Create a new document 1000×1000 at 300 dpi.

Create a new layer.

Using the pen tool draw a line in the shape of a candy cane.


Set brush size to 100 and choose a color. It doesn’t matter what color. It will be covered by the candy cane texture.


Double click on the candy cane layer and choose pattern overlay. Find the candy cane pattern created earlier and apply it. The texture can be moved around on the candy cane while the pattern overlay dialog is open to get the best placement on the candy cane. It looks a little weird right now but don’t worry, that will change.


I always back up my work so I can go back if I need to. Right click on the candy layer and choose duplicate. Turn off visibility on the original layer. Work will begin on the new layer just created.

Double click on the new layer and choose Inner Glow. Choose a medium gray color. I used b7b7b7.

Set the blend mode to Linear Burn and the Size to 60. Leave opacity at 75%. Click OK.


The candy cane is done and it was quick work. The texture can also be used for text.


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